• Christine Jorgenson

Find Me In The River

Find me in the river? What I mean by that is find my phone in the river. Early Tuesday morning we decided to head up to Todd, NC for a 3 hour float down the river. Todd is about 2 hours away from Charlotte so we ended up leaving around 9:30am in hopes to get there around 11:30am. We started our floating adventure around 12:30pm and were having the best time. One thing about me and my roommate, Marilyn, is that we never go anywhere without a sipsie (aka an alcoholic drink). So, vodka, soda and crystal light was our choice of the day - and if you haven't tried it, it's a must have.

So even though Marilyn's phone is the one that took a 'dip'. My phone was turning on and off, didn't have service, and would only turn green. I am one of the most careless people when it comes to their items. Yes, it got splashed with water throughout the day but how in the heck was Marilyn's phone the one that sat in the river for 30 minutes and mine was the one that was broken? Regardless, it was unfixable.

We decided to continue on with what we thought was going to be the best day. There is a rollercoaster right outside of Boone, NC that we were dying to try. Even though it started to pour rain we were still going to head up there anyways to see if we could get on.

The rollercoaster was scary. Not because it went upside down or topsy-turvy or anything like that. It just didn't feel safe, I guess? I don't know - but regardless if any of you are ever in the Boone/Blowing Rock area you should still check it out!

We snagged some ice cream and hit the road after that. We still had a two hour drive home and we were B E A T to say the least! Turns our drinking in the hot sun all day and then losing all your stuff is really exhausting.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and can't wait to catchup soon,

xx Christine

ps. Sorry for the lack of photos on this post. My phone wasn't backed up so I most of them, whoops!


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